Body and its metaphors

"Waist High in the World: A Life Among the Nondisabled". Nancy Mairs (1996)

A brief examination of metaphors...demonstrates the extent to which physical vigor equates with positive moral qualities:

"Keep your chin up," we say (signifying courage), "and your eyes open" (alertness); "stand on your own two feet" (independence) "and tall" (pride); "look straight in the eye" (honesty) or "see eye to eye" (accord); "run rings around" (superiority).

By contrast, physical disability connotes vice, as in:

"sit on your ass" (laziness),"take it lying down" (weakness), "listen with half an ear" (inattention), and get left "without a leg to stand on" (unsound argument). The way in which the body occupies space and the quality of the space it occupies correlate with the condition of the soul: it is better to be admired as "high-minded" than "looked down on" for one's "low morals," to be "in the know" than "out of it," to be "up front" than "back-handed," to be "free as a bird" than confined to a wheelchair".
(Examples of symbolic awareness in English language)

Cited by: The communicative imagination and its cultivation.(communications studies)
Article from: Communication Quarterly | January 1, 2002 | Engen, David E.


Le grand nord

J’ai vu des horizons
que je n’ai pas atteints

des aurores
m’attendaient ce matin
où je te cherchais
et tu n’existais pas

Maintenant, je vais
où l’on t’a vu et tu
n’échapperas plus
à mes songes

Je te retrouve
dans un rêve
qui nous rassemble.

Mitshet tshishikua
apu utitaiman

Petapan nitashuapamikuat
anite ka nanatuapamitan
muku apu teuane

Anutshish nitituten anite
ka uapamakuin
apu tshika tshi kashushtuin

tshe mishkatan
ekute anite mamu
e taiaku

Joséphine Bacon

(Joséphine Bacon, originaire de la communauté de Betsiamites, est née en 1956)

source: nativelynx