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The Two Cultures in Question

Peter Randall-Page, A Place of One's Own, 1994
Peter Randall-Page
A Place of One's Own 1994
Tate © Peter Randall-Page

Fifty years ago a lecture by C.P. Snow on 'The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution', deploring the gulf between artistic intellectuals and natural scientists, sparked a fierce debate about the 'Two Cultures'. Joining with the Science Museum, Tate Modern invites leading figures from the worlds of arts, science and public policy to revisit this question. With the new prominence of information technology, genetics and climate change, has the gap between arts and sciences narrowed or grown even wider in the last fifty years?

In collaboration with the London Consortium and the Science Museum

Peter Randall-Page was born in the UK in 1954 and studied sculpture at Bath Academy of Art from 1973-77.

During the past 25 years he has gained an international reputation through his sculpture drawings and prints. He has undertaken numerous large scale commissions and he has exhibited widely. His work is held in numerous public and private collections throughout the world.

His practice has always been informed and inspired by the study of organic form and its subjective impact on our emotions.

In recent years his work has become increasingly concerned with the underlying principles determining growth and the forms it produces. In his words “geometry is the theme on which nature plays her infinite variations, fundamental mathematical principle become a kind of pattern book from which nature constructs the most complex and sophisticated structures.”

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