De spineto nata rosa

De spineto nata rosa
De spineto nata rosa
arbor vite preciosa
ave plena gratia,
Nos ad lucem vere lucis
levans trahis et perducis
ducens via regia.

Specialis eminenter
singularis excellenter
emines virtutibus.
Flos et lumen es sanctorum
sed et ipsis angelorum
premines ordinibus.

Aaron virga tu fuisti,
florem fructu protulisti
stupendo miraculo. 15
Deum paris illibata
post et ante sigillata
veri regis anulo.

Ergo virgo tam beata
multis signis premonstrata
sis nobis propicia.
Aufer iras et langores,
mentem munda, forma mores
pietatis gratia.

Pie matris pia proles,
hic purgatos quando voles
transfer nos ad supera.
Pie matris pia prece,
tu nos a secunda nece
pie Ihesu libera.

English: De spineto nata rosa
Rose born from a thorn bush,
Precious tree of life,
Hail to you , that are full of grace ;
You raise us up and draw us
Towards the light of true light ;
You escort us to our goal,
Leading us by the royal road.

Outstanding above all creation,
Uniquely surpassing every other,
You are supreme in all the virtues.
You are the flower and light of the saints,
But you even excel the very ranks of angels.

You were the rod of Aaron,
You brought forth foliage,
Flourishing by an astounding miracle.
You gave birth to God while still unsullied,
Testified before and after
By the true King's seal.

Therefore, maiden so blessed,
Foretold by so many signs,
May you be favourable to us.
Take away our anger and weakness,
Cleanse our minds, and shape our natures,
For the sake of your holiness.

O holy child of a holy mother,
When it is your will, take us ,
Who have been cleansed here,
To the regions above.
By the holy prayer of a holy mother,
Set us free, holy Jesus,
From the second death.

Una bella versión en latín se puede escuchar por Jan Garbarek y el Hilliard Ensemble.

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