Anselm Kiefer, amamos los libros

Obra: La vida secreta de las plantas, Anselm Kiefer.

Las plantas para Anselm Kiefer siguen viviendo a través de los libros una vida impensada, fecunda y fecundada, un universo dentro del universo dentro del universo. ¿Qué fue primero? ¿La semilla o la muerte?

El artista alemán nacido en 1945, recibió hace poco el Premio de la Paz de los Libreros Alemanes.

Explicación del catálogo:

Here, the book becomes both seed and universe. Using his signature material, lead, Kiefer materializes the ancient concept of the universe as an immense book. On the dark pages, he has drawn the stars' NASA identification numbers along with lines connecting them, suggesting a system of arrangement and alignment that belies logic and explanation. As part of an indefinable macrocosm, Kiefer's univers experiences the entropic pressure of its own gravity. The weight and malleability of the lead cause the star-flecked pages to gently give way under their own weight, evoking a collapsing universe.

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