Shlomo Aronson, diseñando el paisaje

I think we have come to the strange conclusion that in our time, a great proportion of mankind will not know wild nature.

Instead, urban man will meet nature as a man-made entity, shaped and maintained by his culture, whether or not he is aware of it. This is a great problem.

No longer are we given the immutable world within the folds of which we must find our place. On the contrary, we are the designers, even of the forests and the hills.

Our heavy machinery levels terrain and destroys vast streches of the natural domain.

Our dwellings are entangled with huge highways which strech across the land to the edge of the sea.

We are made small by these vast works, and yet they are our own doing. But if that is the case, we have the power now, to maintain the world as we want it to remain.

This is our duty as human beings, and our challenge as landscape architects."

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